Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Midweek Middy

Zigzag lace shell in light heliconia:  Banana Republic, buy here
Floral middy skirt by Edme & Esyllte:  Anthropologie, summer 2011
Burgundy pumps:  Seychelles
Necklace:  Anthropologie
Back when I was her precious little girl, (oh, stop laughing you) my mother tells me I had two wardrobe demands:  Absolutely no pants allowed, and all my skirts and dresses were required to have pockets.  Some things haven't changed in 30+ years.  I still prefer skirts and dresses over pants, and I still adore pockets.  For the life of me I couldn't find the name of this middy skirt anywhere online.  I was happy to pull it out to wear it today, as I bought it last summer and when I found it hanging in my closet today it still had the tags on it.  Horray for year-old new clothes!

I have so many exciting posts planned for the rest of the week.  More Anthropologie fitting room reviews, a fashion show that I am lucky enough to participate in, and date night attire is all coming up!  Please keep reading!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. So cute and springy! I love pulling out clothes I bought the previous year but haven't had a chance to wear!

  2. Love the outfit! The skirt is called the goldfield skirt.

  3. Thanks M! Ahhh thank you Ali! It was killing me! :)