Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Gray Day

Silk pintuck blouse in charcoal:  J.Crew, buy in limited sizes here
Inked Flora Skirt by Moulinette Soeurs:  Anthropologie, buy yellow version (for a steal!) here
Oscar pumps in nude:  Jessica Simpson, buy here
Necklace:  J.Crew, buy similar here
Another day, another ponytail.  I'm usually not this hair challenged, but folks, it's been a long week and it's only Tuesday.  My morning was like the scene out of a sitcom this morning.  My husband had to leave early, so imagine me running around the house, trying to get myself and the 2 year old ready, while participating in an important conference call.  Then imagine the 2 year old screaming in the background and having diarrhea not once, but twice.  GOOD times folks. At least my husband is sweet enough to tell me he loves when I wear my hair "up." 
So this outfit is pretty toned down for color-addicted moi, but I liked it.  The muted grays felt chic and sophisticated.  It was a gray cloudy day so I matched the weather.  And the wind MAY or may not have blown my full skirt up a few times.  Yes, I do have a lot of wardrobe malfunctions.


  1. LOVE this skirt. Love the yellow one too. Today felt like a Monday here too. Must be the weather! Don't know how your still managed to look this good with your morning...you should have seen me today :(

  2. I hear you on the wardrobe malfunctions. In addition to the Marilyn Monroe skirt-wind saga, my signature one is the button that becomes undone at the chest in dresses and shirts, since I am busty. I have to reinforce it with a snap button.
    If it helps, you look fantastic and not at all like you've head a chicken-with-head-cut-off kind of morning!

  3. Anthro blogger that sounds familiar! Thanks for visiting and for the kind words!