Sunday, May 27, 2012

That skirt looks retro

Embroidered circle lace shell:  Banana Republic Man Men Collection, Spring 2012
Lido Light Skirt:  We Love Vera, Anthropologie, Summer 2011
Sandals:  Jack Rogers Navajo Rio in turquoise/gold:  Buy here
Bubble necklace:  J.Crew Factory Store
I apologize for looking a bit bleary-eyed in this picture, as it was taken at the end of the evening after hosting a barbeque for 8 adults and 10 children.  We had a wonderful time though, and this summer skirt and lightweight shell were cool and crisp for the hot night!  When my husband finally had time to look at my outfit tonight, he said "that skirt looks retro."  I agree!  I think I was born in the wrong time period.  I love all fashion from the 1950's and '60's, the full skirts, nipped in waists and boat neck tops.  But really, who doesn't love that time period?  It was so feminine and graceful.
You can yell "Enough of the bubble necklace!" at any time now.  I can't seem to stop wearing it,which is so unlike me!  I guess that proves it was a good purchase.
Happy Memorial Day!  I'm proud of our country and thankful to all of those men and women who serve America.


  1. Feminine and graceful....couldn't agree more. I'm so glad to see other bloggers out there keeping the feminine and grace alive. You won't get the stop sign from me on wearing your bubble's so fun and summery!

  2. Thank you Molly! Thanks for visiting! :)